Refund policy

General return policy

Cancellations and returns

In the event that you decide to cancel or return your order, keep in mind that we may apply the following shipping costs based on the following scenarios:

  1. Cancellation of the order while it is in Preparation: in this case, if you have had to pay shipping costs, they will be returned together with the cost of the order.

2.Cancellation of the order while it is in Delivery to the address you have indicated: you must bear the cost of returning the order to our warehouse. In this case, we will proceed to fully refund the cost of the order, discounting the shipping costs (€ 4.90 or € 7.90 depending on whether the delivery is made in mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands, respectively) - even if it had placed the order with a free shipping promotion or would have exceeded € 29 in the case of delivery in mainland Spain or € 49 in the case that the delivery was made in the Balearic Islands and had not paid the shipping costs.

  1. If the order has already been delivered and you nevertheless decide to return it, you must bear the costs of the return service of your choice. The cost of products not consumed and suitable for return will be refunded.

You will know at all times in what state your order is, either through your private area on the Flava Web if you have made the order identified with your user, as if you have made it as a guest, in both cases by receiving different e-mails that mark the beginning of the successive phases indicated above. For these purposes, you will receive an e-mail that will confirm your order and another when the logistics operator is going to start its delivery service, so that you will know that possible shipping costs may be passed on in case of cancellation and return depending on the status of the order.

These rates include two delivery attempts at the address indicated by the customer. In case of being untraceable on the second attempt, the customer will have to go to the nearest corresponding parcel service office to pick up the shipment.

If you had made a purchase paid with Paypal and had to modify the shipping address of the order once it was made, you should contact FLAVA directly through the contact form, or using the contact information indicated in the heading of these T & Cs. In order to process the change of shipping address, it will be necessary to cancel your original order and place a new one that can be sent to the new address. You will not be able to contact directly with the courier service or with Paypal in order to modify the shipping address.

In relation to the acquisition or provision of services, once the place / s to enjoy the service have been acquired, you will receive an order confirmation email that must be the one shown at the time of enjoyment. You will not be able to access the enjoyment of the service without the previous presentation of this voucher.