¿Cómo nace FLAVA Hard Seltzer?




It all started with a project in an entrepreneurship course, we needed an idea ... The American of the group had witnessed the BOOM of the Hard Seltzer market in the United States and suggested analyzing it. Since we had no other idea, we decided to go ahead with that ... and by the way, the answer is no, we didn't know what Hard Seltzer was, much less pronounce it, and to tell you the truth, we still don't know how to pronounce it, so don't feel bad if you don't either.

We started to investigate what this was all about and realized that this drink was EXACTLY what the four of us needed. I'll take a little pause to talk about us (no, we're not cocky, I promise you it has a point). The four of us love to party, in fact, that's how we met, partying! And we all love sport (some, like Pozas, practice it better than others, although some also have a bigger belly than others, right Pozas?). And this is where the big problem was, we all love to play sports and compete, but the usual, drinking and partying “made” us drink the calories we had burned (and MUCH more than necessary). So trying to solve this problem (yes, it is a big problem), we began our particular adventure.



* As you can see, Alex missed the photoshoot, so for now Pozas's back will have to be enough

Learn to say Hard Seltzer, also known as:
"Investigate what the hell our project is about"

With a little Google, we found and bought Hard Seltzer from the United States, the famous “White Claw”, we bought UK brands and we bought the few Spanish brands there were. After trying White Claw, the truth is that those from the UK and the Spain were really bad. It was here that our competitive gene was triggered and our light bulbs were lit. We can do better! (Well, maybe we are a little bit cocky).


Drink a lot, or also known as:
"Market Research"

Easy, as partiers that we are, we had tried everything, so we decided to try everything again (to know that the flavors had not changed). It was here that we began to question the reality of drinks, how many calories, sugar and carbohydrates does a beer have? A cocktail? A wine? And it was then that we realized the harm that drinking caused us. We finally understood the explosion of this market in the United States (although it did not prevent us from continuing to drink... maybe we should go to Alcoholics Anonymous - A.A.)


Company creation (with a cool name)

The hardest part. Imagine four people from different countries and cultures agreeing to create a name, it was CHAOS. But as almost always, women know better and it was Rosie who guided us with the beautiful name of FLAVA, inspired by FLAVored + Alcohol + Agua (yes, you read well, she put together words in English and Spanish, and not only that, but under the initial acronym it should be FLAVAA, but that hint of the double A.A. didn't bode well for us). More important than the name, through the diversity of the group we managed to reach an agreement, and from there our first values, inclusion and diversity, were born, four friends with different thoughts and ideologies managed to understand each other to reach the same ideal.

"FLAVored + Alcohol + Agua = FLAVAA", yes, you saw right, an A is missing. It's cooler with one, right?


Create the masterpiece

We had a name, now the only thing missing was the product, right? Well, the genius of Pozas thought he was Mr. White (the one from the Breaking Bad series) and decided to ferment and create the product at home (which almost cost him his marriage). The thing is, obviously, the first batch was a disaster (who could have predicted that right? Me, I actually predicted it). Anyway, we decided to expand our horizon beyond Poza's apartment, we went looking for a real professional and not a Mr. White. So we found our secret formula, I mean perfect formula.

At last we delivered to Spain what NO ONE had been able to do, and we are not referring to the other companies that were trying to get a Hard Seltzer, but to ALL the alcohol companies that have existed. My God, according to Google, beer was invented in 3,000 BC! (Did you see what we did there?), but back then having a belly was a sign of power, now, well, not so much (not wanting to offend you Pozas). However, NO ONE had been able to invent a product that was truly distinct from beer (let's face it, no one likes it when they first drink it) that was not AS caloric, but tasted good, and even worse, no one had invented a product that had the same alcohol %, that was lighter, that was easier to drink and that had fewer calories, sugar and carbohydrates than a beer! Incredible but true.


Above, unique images from the beginnings of FLAVA Hard Seltzer.
From when the project was called "Heisenberg" to when the first FLAVA order arrived and finally when we decided to become "cooler". 
* By the way, the one in the second photo is Alex. You're welcome.


Time of truth or "launch"

We were students, so obviously, we had little money, but as crazy as we are, we decided to invest the little we had saved in making a production of eleven thousand cans and… it was a SUCCESS! We sold three thousand cans in a matter of 2 months without spending a euro on marketing (imagine three thousand cans of beer in your floor apartment floor and you'll realize that it is a lot of cans). * What we did not mention is that the product was finished 5 months later than expected, so not everything was color pink, but who cares about that, we sold three thousand cans!


From FLAVA to Spain

After seeing the launch success we had to make tough decisions. ¾ of the team had a job to return to after finishing school, a job that guaranteed us a great salary and stability, and what did we do? Yes, we jumped off a cliff.

We dared. We left stability behind and took a leap of faith, and for what? Well this is where we become dreamers. We did not want to return to our corporate jobs, we wanted to bring this new drink to the Spanish market, we created FLAVA from the roots of diversity for people who, like us, dare to jump into the void and try new things, because we only have one life. So now ... well, now we are in your hands Spain. We hope you live FLAVA as what it is, NOT JUST a drink, but a LIFESTYLE, a style focused on MORE party, MORE memories, MORE life! And less calories, less sugar and less carbs ... and of course, less belly. If you are going to drink we want you to do it in a healthier way and live a more balanced life!

It is time to fearlessly face the Coca-colas (Topo-Chico) of this world and go for it all, because with our strong united FLAVA community, we can achieve anything!





I hope that after my inspiring Shakespeare moment I have convinced you enough to drink FLAVA, if you do, remember our rule: Drink one FULL COLD FLAVA and after it you'll know if you are a fan or not. If you liked how we wrote (don't lie, if you got this far it's because you liked it) then we want to give you a 20% discount on your next purchase (click here to buy).. Use the code: #FLAVAguay to discover that such a long read was not in vain!

And yes, that's right, we are very cool. And well, if you try it and don't like it, we are sorry because you will surely gain a few extra pounds :P

A hug with all the FLAVAlove to our readers and see you in the next article of the FLAVERO SENSEI to discover all the truths about the Hard Seltzer (what the competition does not want to tell you).



FLAVERO SENSEI was born in Barcelona in 2021.
After trying his luck in the "New York Times" and receiving no response, he decided to follow up on the daily life of the FLAVA entrepreneurs to document the step by step of this perfect combination of nationalities.

His goal is to teach the world that if these four drinkers, I mean dreamers, can change the world of drinking, you can do great things too. 

I will continue to keep my name and image anonymous until the "New York Times" comes around to recruit me.
Meanwhile they will have to settle for the image of my hand.